It’s amazing how a busy mind, so usually full of words, concepts, ideas, and visions can suddenly be rendered mute when prompted to express even a morsel of that.

Anyway, I’m a hobbyist photographer, and I think it’s important for it to stay that way. Because the art, in itself should be the motivation for pursuing it, and not the money, nor the fame and fortune. At least for me, cos’ I can only speak for myself here.

This site is really a journal of sorts, one that is intended to document the path I’ve come along. So it’s all for me and not necessarily anything for you. It’s okay if you don’t like it, it really is. And it’s okay if I don’t like it either. Because it all comes down to this, right here, being an arbitrary starting point, my starting point. And the trick is to plot the course from here on out. Sotra like life in a way, I guess.


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